Crabs in a Bucket

Published: Jul 30, 2023

Despite the recent hellish heatwave(s) distressing the southern U.S. lately, we’ve been enjoying crabbing as a weekend family pastime down here in south Louisiana. Heading out into the marsh out of Pointe-Aux-Chenes (that’s French for “Oak Point”) down near the Gulf, we’ll typically return with several dozen crabs to boil for family and friends.

There’s one unique trait I’ve noticed about crabs — if you have just one crab in a bucket, it’s usually going to figure out how to climb out; if you have more than one crab in a bucket and one tries to escape, the others are always going to pull it back down.

Similarly, as we work at making positive improvements in our lives many of us have toxic people around us that are always going to find a way to bring us down. Some do it intentionally because they may feel you’re “leaving them behind” as you make positive changes, taking away their social permission to maintain their own bad habits; others don’t even realize their behavior having a negative effect on you.

Be sure to check in every once in a while to make sure you don’t let the crabs in your life keep you from reaching your goals.

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