Design Archival Project

Published: Sep 11, 2023

I thought it’d be a fun exercise to create a space for tracking changes to this site’s design, as I’m always tinkering with the theme and improving various things. I wanted to do this in a visual way so I can look back and get a sense of how things evolve over time.

To avoid loading a ton of screenshots onto the site, I’m using Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to snapshot the site when I make big changes and linking to those instead. This effectively provides an archive that can be interacted with, rather than just browsing photos.

The new archive page lives here: Design Archive

As of now I do want to keep things content-focused and avoid a bunch of bells and whistles, so I don’t anticipate any big changes to the structure of the site. This is also how I keep things somewhat consistent as I still want returning visitors to be able to recognize my site to some degree.

Just wanted to drop a quick note here in case others are interested in this sort of thing.

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