18 Month reMarkable 2 Review

Published: Jul 2, 2023

The reMarkable 2 found its way to my Instagram feed in early 2022, a time when I was in the trenches of trying to get two companies off the ground while also just starting grad school working toward my MBA.

I’ve always preferred handwritten notes to typed, but a pain point for me has been keeping my notes organized in a way that’s easily accessible later. Having been through several iterations of owning an iPad and Apple Pencil for keeping notes, I didn’t like the amount of distraction iPads can cause with the notifications and other apps.

The reMarkable 2 seemed to answer this struggle, so I ordered one.


What stood out to me about the reMarkable 2 is that it’s a device designed for focus. There aren’t any additional apps or notifications to distract you from your note taking or writing, you can use it to convert handwritten notes to text, email them around, and sync your notes to your other devices. The user interface is minimal and easy to navigate, and I like the integration with various cloud storage providers.

In addition to these software features, the tactile experience of the reMarkable 2 is hard to beat. Even compared to other devices I’ve used, it’s probably the closest thing you’ll get to pen and paper without actually writing with pen and paper. In my opinion, reMarkable nailed that experience.

Physically, the device is also quite thin and sleek, so it’s easy to tote around to meetings or other places where you might want to bring some documents or take notes.


In my experience with the reMarkable 2, my only remarkable (pun intended) negatives are primarily the costs. While I think the device itself is reasonable, currently selling for $299 with a $279 refurbished option, the peripherals are going to rack up your order total.

The basic marker, which you need to use the tablet, is $79. However, this doesn’t include an eraser (trust me, you’ll want the eraser), so now you have to get the “Marker Plus” for $129.

I believe that as a critical piece of the system, the basic marker should be baked into the cost of, and included with, the tablet. Then, perhaps an upgraded marker model can be an upcharge if desired.

You’re also going to want to protect your device, and the cover folio is also sold separately starting at another $79.

The good news here is that you can find cheaper stylus and cover folio alternatives on Amazon for much cheaper, which is what I’ve done since the initial purchase.

Overall Opinion

All things considered, 18 months later I still use my reMarkable 2 every week. The stylus nibs last a good while, so after the initial investment there really isn’t much you need to keep the device running other than the optional $2.99 Connect subscription. Connect is reMarkable’s online service that keeps your notes synced to your other devices and backed up in their cloud.

With a battery lasting for weeks on a single charge, I’ve been quite happy with the low-maintenance experience of the paper tablet.

If you’re a heavy note taker and you’re on the fence, I’d recommend giving the reMarkable 2 a shot.

Have you used the reMarkable 2 or a similar device? Drop me an email using the button below, I’d love to hear about your experience with it.

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