6-to-1 Grocery Method
An easy way to shop healthier while spending less.

Keeping Analog Alive
Using typewriters in 2024.

Unsubscribing from New Homeowner Scams
Parrying post-purchase predators.

First One Down
Making progress on my 24 in ‘24 list.

A brief reflection on the classic sonnet.

24 in '24
A list of 24 goals I have for the year.

Happy Holidays
Enjoying the holiday season, be back soon.

How to Automate Anything
My approach to automate the boring stuff and how you can do it too.

Personal Automations
How I automate some of the boring/tedious stuff in life.

Burning CDs in 2023
Recent trials of running a media digitization business.

You Should Have a Website
Answering common questions and concerns I’ve gotten about owning a website.

FIRE Flow Chart
A path to becoming financially independent and retiring early.

Tennessee 2023
Returning from a trip to Appalachia.

Keep Moving
A quick fitness update.

On Wealth
What does it mean to be wealthy?

Crabs in a Bucket
Are you letting the crabs in life keep you down?

Frogs on a Log
A lesson on taking action.

How to Improvise Public Speaking
An easy formula for impromptu speaking that works just about anywhere.

Spinning the Flywheel
An updated take on an old idea.

A Mindful Journey Through the Woods
Reflecting on a recent solo camping trip.