How to Automate Anything
My approach to automate the boring stuff and how you can do it too.

Personal Automations
How I automate some of the boring/tedious stuff in life.

Burning CDs in 2023
Recent trials of running a media digitization business.

You Should Have a Website
Answering common questions and concerns I’ve gotten about owning a website.

FIRE Flow Chart
A path to becoming financially independent and retiring early.

Tennessee 2023
Returning from a trip to Appalachia.

Keep Moving
A quick fitness update.

On Wealth
What does it mean to be wealthy?

Crabs in a Bucket
Are you letting the crabs in life keep you down?

Frogs on a Log
A lesson on taking action.

How to Improvise Public Speaking
An easy formula for impromptu speaking that works just about anywhere.

Spinning the Flywheel
An updated take on an old idea.

A Mindful Journey Through the Woods
Reflecting on a recent solo camping trip.