Homelab Update
Have some old hardware lying around? Use it to start your new homelab.

Keeping Analog Alive
Using typewriters in 2024.

Thoughts on a new product line from the folks over at 37signals

How to Create Custom Terminal Commands in MacOS
Making automation easier with custom commands on MacOS.

How to Automate Anything
My approach to automate the boring stuff and how you can do it too.

Personal Automations
How I automate some of the boring/tedious stuff in life.

Automate Your Data Governance
Let’s talk about automated data governance and how it can help you maintain data quality, security, and compliance.

Leveraging the Power of No-Code
How no-code tools can make software development more accessible and enable non-technical team members.

The Right to Repair: Fighting Planned Obsolescence
They don’t make stuff like they used to.

A Piece of AI History
An excerpt from a 30-year-old AI textbook I found.

The Ethics of Artificial Intelligence
Is more AI always a good thing?

A Week with Linux Mint
A few of my first impressions.

Using Data to Choose a Linux Distro
An interesting data exercise I ran with with the Mastodon community.

Why I Wont Be Joining Threads
A new social media app just dropped. I’m not sure I’m on board.

18 Month reMarkable 2 Review
My experience with the reMarkable 2 paper tablet.

Self Hosted Software List
A handy list of self-hosted software for just about anything.

What's Up With Reddit?
Sharing some thoughts on the protest.

Is There a Downside to AI?
Tools like ChatGPT may be creating dangerous long-term side effects.